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Tips for Administration

If you are a Cruic(k)shank(s), welcome here. If you are not, welcome here anyway!



Your input would be most welcome and appreciated! Please e-mail us with your comments or questions. 


If you would like to become a site Administrator, please send an e-mail.


 We can be reached at:

                      Note: We are still working on getting full usage from i-phone and i-pad. For example, i-pad users will find they cannot edit the site and that some of the links do not connect.

If you are a Cruic(k)shank(s) or if your last name was Cruic(k)shank(s), feel free to browse around.


1. A lot of information in the History Section is taken from other sites and hopefully is useful to you.

2. Information about Frank and Georgina all come from family recollections.

3. The site is quite interactive. Underlined words are linked so just click on underlined words for more information.

4. Later we will put links on photos too.

5. If you would like to link a site to this one, or even have a page on this site, we would like to hear from you. Just e-mail your request to:

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