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Cruickshank Coat of Arms

This is the Cruickshank coat of arms.


This coat of arms was granted to Cruickshank of Tillymorgan, Aberdeenshire.


Information is sparse but apparently, in 1482, Adam (or Andrew) Cruickshank of Tillymorgan bought half of the

templar lands of (Little) Warthill, and two plough-gates of Harlow from Alexander Glaster of Glack. Adam Cruickshank's family had been the tenants of Tillymorgan, under the Abbots of Lindores, and were proprietors (owners) after the Reformation (mid 1500's) down to Covenanting times (mid 1600's).

Adam Cruickshank's son, John, had a daughter, Janet, who married William Leslie in 1518. (This was the second marriage of William Leslie.) Janet was heiress of Warthill, so after marriage the inheritance went to the Leslie family.


William Leslie bought the other half of the said templar lands of (Little) Warthill from heirs of William Tullidaff.


William Leslie and Janet Cruickshank had 21 children, of whom 16 married. Their 3rd daughter, Janet, married Alexander Cruickshank, son of Tillymorgan (her uncle, perhaps). Their 6th daughter, Isabel married James Cruickshank, son of Tillymorgan (another uncle, perhaps).

Coats of arms were granted by the monarchy and this time period was within the Stewart line of Scottish kings (1371 to 1651) and within the Stewart Earls of Atholl (1398 to 1625), thereby reinforcing the connection between Cruickshanks and Stewarts.

Map-location of Tillymorgan and Wartle.j

Tillymorgan is in Aberdeenshire, indicated by the pin in the map above.


Surroundings of Tillymorgan include Wartle (also known as Warthill).

Cruickshank Coat of Arms

The predominant colour being gold (french 'or') is the same predominant colour in the Stewart coat of arms.

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